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We build software solutions boosted with high-end technologies for better decision making.

Automatic Deployment

Have your MongoDB Replica-set production-ready along with Apache Spark, Zeppelin, Drill and NiFi in less than 15 minutes on a dedicated VMs with a single click.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Watch your MongoDB cluster in real-time with 40 performance indicators. Don't get stuck in command line health checks.

Fully Managed

24/7 support and maintenance. Your cluster is always under continuous monitoring to keep healthy status of your database.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups are taken daily, weekly, monthly, and on demand. Each backup interval is retained for 10 occurrences so you can restore your database to any available point in time.


Your data is always protected using the most robust security mechanisms. Your connection to the database is always SSL encrypted.


Do not settle for any less. Your cluster is installed on SSD drives to enjoy unparalleled reas/writes speed.

Get extra senses with your data

At Drenel, we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights.

To that end, we deliver an Enterprise Data Cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI. Powered by the relentless innovation of the open source community, Drenel accelerates digital transformation with the right tools.

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Join multiple data sources

A single query can join data from multiple datastores. For example, you can join a user profile collection in MongoDB with logs in S3.
select * FROM `mongodb`.`web`.`users` INNER join `s3`.`./logs/`.`activities.csv` on `mongodb`.`web`.`users`.`UID` = `s3`.`./logs`.`activities.csv`.`UserID`


Data flow

We install and setup Apache NiFi at your prefered location for better data access, either in house or in the cloud. It provides bi-directional data streaming into and from your MongoDB. It allows you to design, test, deploy, operate, and maintain pipelines that flow streaming and batch data into your MondoDB from multiple data sources such as IoT, Twitter, Elasticsearch, Solr, MySQL, Oracle, S3 and others.


Data analytics

Make advanced statistical analysis your game. With Apache Spark, R and Python, anomaly detection, breakout detection, predictive analysis, forecasting and much more can be achieved through a single integrated platform.


Predictive analytics

Apply proactive analytics to predict events before happening without being expert in Artificial Intelligence, such as predicting customers CHURN, machine failures or breast cancer.



Your data can be visualized with different kind of charts in a collaborative manner. Advanced plotting are available though R libraries or Angular.


Data exploration

Data science productivity at your finger tips; Develop, organize, execute, visualize and share.

Holistic integrated features

Perform mission-critical tasks that build production-quality data pipelines more efficiently.

We build customized solutions

Get your enterprise-grade platform in your own cloud or data center.

Massive data storage

Drenel Data Warehouse

A modern data warehouse that delivers an enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud solution designed for self-service analytics.

Traditional data warehouses are inadequate to meet the increased scale and analytics demands that growing businesses are experiencing. Drenel Data Warehouse is powerful, scalable, and affordable—enabling organizations to share petabytes of data across thousands of users with the security, governance, and availability that large enterprises demand.

Data analytics eco-system

Enterprise-grade open-source integration

We carefully curate, integrate, and support open-source tooling for a modern data warehouse. Our interactive SQL engine powered by Apache Spark delivers high-scale, high-concurrency queries. With Apache Kudu run discovery and operational workloads on fast changing and IoT data. Rapid ETL/ELT processing for data preparation is delivered through Apache Hive on Spark. Optimize search and discovery with Apache Solr. Interact with each of these analytics engines with an intelligent SQL Workbench powered by HUE.


With Hadoop, analysts and data scientists have the flexibility to develop and iterate on advanced statistical models using a mix of partner technologies as well as open source frameworks like Apache Spark™.


Analysts interact with full-fidelity data on the fly with Apache Spark™, the data warehouse for Hadoop. With Spark™, analysts experience BI-quality SQL performance and functionality plus compatibility with all the leading BI tools. Using Drenel Search, an integration of Hadoop and Apache Solr, analysts can accelerate the process of discovering patterns in data in all amounts and formats, especially when combined with Spark™.